Varicose Vein Treatment

What is Varicose Vein Disease?

Varicose Vein Disease, or venous insufficiency, is a medical condition caused by poorly functioning valves in the leg veins that normally prevent blood from pooling or backing up in the legs, particularly when one is standing or sitting for long periods of time. Venous insufficiency can present in a variety of ways, including any or all of the following symptoms:

  • bulging, tender varicose veins
  • unsightly, itchy, or painful spider veins
  • aching/throbbing legs
  • leg swelling
  • tired, heavy legs or frequent leg cramps
  • superficial blood clots (phlebitis)
  • skin discoloration (sometimes permanent)
  • skin breakdown and ulcers
  • bleeding varicose veins

Are varicose veins just a cosmetic problem?

No! Venous insufficiency is a medical condition that is often and inaccurately viewed as simply a cosmetic problem. Also, the vast majority of treatments are covered by insurance, as venous insufficiency is a true medical disease.

What if I have varicose veins or any of the symptoms listed above?

Dr. Peter Hahn is a board-certified physician who has extensive experience treating patients with severe cardiovascular disease, as well as varicose vein disease (venous insufficiency). He adheres to the highest clinical and ethical standards and is the only local physician dedicated full-time to the treatment of varicose vein disease. New patients will undergo a diagnostic ultrasound evaluation of their leg veins, as well as a comprehensive review of their medical background and symptoms during the initial consultation, before a thorough discussion of any appropriate treatment options to help them feel and look better. Services offered by Dr. Hahn and his team at Advanced Vein Associates include:

  • diagnostic ultrasound studies
  • customized compression therapy
  • endovenous ablation of venous insufficiency (via multiple techniques)
  • sclerotherapy after ablation treatment
  • cosmetic sclerotherapy

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